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New to Yachting

New to the industry, where to start

To start in this very exciting, lucrative, amazing industry can be a daunting idea.  As with anything, there is no shortage of opinions regarding entry into this industry.  We at Belaron Consulting will assist you to make an informed decision regarding which courses to do, where to go and all you need to know.  

Belaron Consulting offers the following packages to get you started on your yachting adventure:

Consulting Basic Package - includes:

   -  1 hour information session - introduction the industry, including           advise on which courses to attend.

   -  booking of courses at accredited training institutions.

Consulting PLUS Package - includes:

   -  2 consultation sessions (1 hour each)

   -  Professional Yachting CV

   -  Online profile creation on 5 major yacht crewing sites

   -  List of well-known crewing agents

   -  List of crew houses

   -  Travel tips

   -  Visa information and relevant contacts

Contact us for appointments and pricing.


Appointments are offered either in person or via other media platforms.


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